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How our ordering and production process works

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  1. Please read the Terms & Conditions and accept the order by returning a signed copy finalised quote by email. 
    50% of the total GST inclusive value of the quote is required for a deposit using the methods of payment described below. 
  2. Once we have received deposit and quote acceptance, material and hardware is organised for your order. 
    1. Once all requirements are met to proceed with the production process, the estimated date for product delivery will take approximately 25 business days or as advised by administration. 
    2. Manufacture sizes for each product is determined either by site measure (once building structure/openings are ready) or by agreed measurements with the builder, this should occur 5-7 business days after confirming your order to meet the estimated lead time.
  3. You will be issued Claims detailing the amounts and terms for each claim and EFT reference information.
  4. Once manufacturing measurements are confirmed, you and/or the builder can be advised of a revised delivery date – this can vary from the original approximated lead time due to factors such as: readiness for site measure, detailing; otherwise is approximately 15-20 business days from when measurement/details are finalised. 
  5. An Invoice will be sent for the balance due as manufacturing is nearing completion along with the scheduled delivery date. Payment is required prior to the delivery as either cleared funds or funds transfer receipt showing scheduled payment. Payment on the day of delivery can be made via phone to provide credit card details. Extras / Variations to the confirmed order require the full claim to be paid prior to delivery.

Payment of invoiced claims can be made with the following methods

Phone & Internet Banking (BPAY)

(Minimum transaction amount: $500) Biller Code: 77099 Use Reference: 478701   (or refer to your invoice for a specific reference code).

Electronic Funds Transfer direct to bank A/C (EFT)

Please refer to the Bank Details in the EFT section of your invoice for BSB, Account and Reference details.

Online Credit Card Processing via Xero Payments

Each invoice sent on email by us through the Xero software can be processed securely online using the link contained in the email body. A PDF version of the invoice is also attached with alternative payment methods and also details the Online Credit Card surcharges that are calculated based on the invoice totals. These are on-charged from the online payment processing facility as follows

  • Visa Credit | MasterCard Credit | American Express: 2.6% surcharge

Credit Card Processing via merchant EFTPOS terminal

You will need download the Credit Card Authorisation Form first and provide your credit card details (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). Please phone our administration team between 8:30am-4:30pm Mon-Fri on 07 3889 8800 or visit our Brendale Office.
Note: Our merchant EFTPOS terminal is used with the following Credit Card surcharges  Revised October 2019: 

  • Visa Credit: 2.17% surcharge
  • MasterCard Credit: 1.95% surcharge
  • American Express | JCB: 1.5% surcharge

Credit Card Surcharge

The Reserve Bank of Australia have implemented a surcharge standard which is based on the cost of acceptance scheme for each card. Surcharges must not be more than the amount that it costs a merchant to accept a particular type of card for a given transaction. For example, debit cards are typically less expensive for merchants to accept than credit cards. Read further information here: RBA Card Payments Regulation

The surcharge added to Credit Card transactions will vary based on the card type, payment method as well as the transaction amount with the percentage to be surcharged to the customer should not exceed the percentage advised on the merchant statement, based on a 12 month average.

Online transactions (e.g paying the invoice via Xero) is a fixed rate based on from the payments facilitator (eWAY). All internet payment processing is higher than the physical merchant EFTPOS terminal rates due to the inherent risks of fraud and associated costs. 

For orders where Architectural Windows & Doors has provided installation of products supplied; generally up to 5% of the total value is withheld until completion of this work – please refer to the relevant payment schedule in the contract for the exact amount(s).
Note: 48 hours notice is required to request a change to a scheduled installation date.

If you need to cancel your order after it is placed, please inform the sales representative immediately followed by your request in writing. Depending on the progress of the order, costs associated with the order such as materials, labour and administration will be deducted from the deposit paid. This may result in a portion or none of the deposit amount to be refunded. Orders cannot be cancelled once manufacture sizes are confirmed. See our Terms & Conditions of Trade for more information.

If screens have been included as part of the order they will be manufactured to suit your products.
Flyscreens are reasonably easy to remove and are typically supplied once construction is complete (to minimize risk of damage). Difficult to access items should be notified and  fitted  prior  to  removal  of  scaffolding.  

InvisiGard  security  screens  are  typically  fitted  after  painting/rendering  has  finished,  however  certain items may be factory‐fitted due to access. Please advise us when the project is reaching practical completion with at least 3 weeks’ notice and we will schedule a date for screens to be fitted. If optional screens are accepted after the window and door products have been supplied, we may refer you to a 3rd party screen company to fulfil the order directly. 

Note: Centor Retractable screens are confirmed at the time  of site‐measure and  ordered  from  Centor  with an  expected 15‐20 day lead‐time to be supplied to our factory. We usually factory‐fit these  screens  where  possible or install on‐site  at  the  same  time  as the product they'll be  fitted to.  

Note:  Screen value  amounts  will  be  included along with the product invoicing claims: amounts relating to the screens will invoiced separately nor retained until the screens are fitted on‐site since this may occur many months after the products have been supplied. 

Product compliance certificates with Australian Standards information is issued upon completion of your order after receipt of the order’s final claim.

Form 15 (Compliance Certificate for building Design or Specification) is provided for Queensland-based jobs for the supply of Products. 

Form 16 (Aspect of Building Work) is provided for Queensland-based jobs where installation of products was performed by Architectural Windows & Doors or its Sub-Contractors.

An Australian Window Association glazing compliance certificate is issued for projects supplied in New South Wales.

For orders delivered within our servicing region; a 1-off initial visit to adjust products following installation at the time where construction is complete (e.g at building hand-over from the builder to the owner) is complimentary with your order. You should contact us when the practical completion date is approaching as this information is not known to our staff. Servicing can be carried out prior or following when hand-over has taken place within a reasonable time frame (e.g. 3 months). 

Products must be square/true/plumb and tracks/sills should clean and clear of obstructions so that products can be operated and adjusted as necessary otherwise servicing of products could be refused and a call-out fee applicable if required to return at a later date.

Service Request is required to be completed to provide details of items that need attention, please ensure this list is complete as further call-outs may be charged. Please provide details of the service request in our Support Portal ticket system

A Service Request Form is required to be completed to provide details of items that need attention, please ensure this list is complete as further call-outs may be charged. 
Please Note: Only products supplied by Architectural Windows & Doors can be serviced please read the information about the Product Guarantee & Warranty for clarification of warranty and non-warranty items

We do not offer a repair and/or adjustment service due to normal use and similar wear and tear after the initial service has been completed.
Such requests will be advised to seek a 3rd party window/door repair company local to the site.

If a service or assessment is performed and fault is deemed out of warranty – labour and callout fees may apply

  • Proof of purchase may be required
  • An estimate of costs will be sent for non-warranty repairs, requiring payment prior to work commencement
  • Non-Warranty Callout Fee: $150 + GST (per staff member) additional travel charges may apply outside of Greater Brisbane area.
  • Non-Warranty Labour: $75 + GST per hour/ per staff member required
  • Non-Warranty Cost of parts is additional to Labour charges
  • Non-Warranty or requests which are out of servicing area may be referred to 3rd party window/door repairer services

Service Request

Please enter details of the service request in our Support Portal by creating a new ticket and upload images (less than 2mb each) of the fault or issue (e.g lock type) which will help us to assist further.

6 Year Guarantee – Architectural Windows & Doors Pty Ltd

Architectural Windows & Doors is a member of the Australian Window Association and as such conforms to an Industry Code of Conduct designed to protect consumers.

Architectural Windows & Doors is inspected by independent third party NATA accredited auditors to validate that the window and door products examined have been manufactured to the relevant Australian Standards and the legislative requirements of the National Construction Code of Australia.


Guarantee additional to legal rights

This Guarantee is provided in addition to any warranty or guarantee imposed by law and in particular the guarantees implied by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010(Cth). In no way does this Guarantee seek to exclude or limit any right or remedy you have in Law. However to the extent that is permitted by law any other warranties or guarantees are excluded. For the purpose of this warranty “the product” means a window or door product ordinarily manufactured and sold by the manufacturer. Subject to the conditions and limitations below Architectural Windows & Doors guarantees that its products are of acceptable quality and free of any defect caused by the manufacturer.


This warranty does not apply to:
a) Moving parts such as lock cylinders; door rollers; lever handles; hinges; activators; springs
b) Parts supplied by other manufacturers as separate components and where such components are warranted or guaranteed by its manufacturer or supplier those guarantees or warranties whether express or implied are assigned to whom the goods are supplied;
c) Cosmetic damage;
d) Damage caused by accident, misuse, transport, installation or any external cause:
e) Failure to install, use and operate the product in a way that is not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, good building practice, relevant building standards or a use for which the product has not been designed or recommended by the manufacturer.
f) service work that is carried out by other than ARCHITECTURAL WINDOWS & DOORS or authorised ARCHITECTURAL WINDOWS & DOORS agents.

g) Installation - the Window or Door Product was installed, fitted, or operated on by an unqualified installer in trade; or was otherwise installed, fitted or operated on contrary to the applicable industry guide or standards, including the AWA Industry Guide to the Correct Installation of Windows and Doors and the AWA Industry Guide to the Correct Fixing of Windows and Doors;

h) Use - the Window or Door Product was used in a manner not in accordance with the instructions, or for a purpose not specified in the published literature

i) Substitute Parts – the Window or Door Product was manufactured using a substitute part or component not referred to in the instructions or otherwise approved by the designer, Architectural Window Systems

j) Normal wear and tear - the defect in, or damage to a Window or Door Product was the result of normal wear and tear on the Window or Door Product

l) Payment - ARCHITECTURAL WINDOWS & DOORS has not been paid in full for the corresponding Window or Door Product supplied.

Warranty Claims

Should you wish to make a claim under this guarantee you are required to first notify the manufacturer. Other than as provided by law the manufacture will repair or replace the product to the extent that it is functionally equivalent to the product supplied. Where a product has been repaired or replaced this warranty shall apply to the repaired or replaced product for the balance of the period provided by this guarantee.

Service Requests

Note: Only products previously supplied by Architectural Windows & Doors can be serviced.
Please provide details of the service request in our Support Portal. Create a new ticket, provide location and product type and upload images (less than 2mb each) of the fault or issue (e.g lock type) which will help us to assist further. 

Guides for common maintenance tasks

The following installation guides are provided courtesy of the Australian Window Association and provide an overview of best installation practices for several window and door types. Additional information can be viewed on the AWA Youtube Channel (Some methods may vary from those used in Queensland)

These videos are intended to be used as a guide for licensed carpenters to ensure the best practices are carried out. Each construction method shown is general in nature and each project will vary in terms of installation specification. 

Note: AW&D's masonry installation technique utilises a centralised position which differs from the method shown in the video. 

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