Choosing your Window Style

Perhaps you are building a new house and are trying to decide what you want to do with windows, or maybe you are replacing the windows in your current home and are trying to decide on a style. You’re mulling your options between Hampton-style double-hung windows, and maybe another two or three styles. The question is, how can you make the final decision about what to install in your home?

Explore Modern Hampton-Style Double-Hung Aluminium Windows with a Visit to Architectural Windows & Doors today

Our Architectural Series double-hung windows provide several traditional look variants, optimal ventilation and are easy to maintain. The elegant yet timeless functionality of these windows adds value to your home and their unique design allows for each sash to pivot inwards and removed to enable cleaning from within your home. These window frames can accommodate 20mm double glazing to provide excellent strength, weather performance and noise reduction.

Our double-hung have an elegant mitred frame and allow the addition of colonial bars in a variety of configurations to provide that Hampton-style and other traditional looks. With the flexibility of opening top or bottom sashes independently or to position them in the middle, air flows freely and ensures cooler air flows in from the bottom and warmer air flows out through the top.

If you are interested in exploring our Hampton-style aluminium windows, or our various styles of double-hung windows, visit our showroom in Milton today. If you have any questions that you’d rather ask over the phone, feel free to contact us directly.

Planning a Visit to Architectural Windows & Doors and Our Showroom

At Architectural Windows & Doors Pty Ltd, we know how hard it can be to decide on the type of windows you want for your home. So long as you are buying high-quality windows—which should be a top priority no matter what—you’ll be living with your window style choice for years to come — as such, making the right decision now is vital.

We try to make it easier for customers to decide between the various window styles we offer by inviting them to our showroom in Milton. Our spacious showroom is our place to showcase all the various door and window styles we carry. You can stroll through, see our different series and start narrowing down your list of potential window styles. Maybe you think a modern Hampton-style exterior window would look great on your home based on photos, but you want to see it in person before you make a call. Our showroom gives you that chance.

At our showroom, you will also have opportunities to interact with our sales staff. Feel free to ask questions about the various window styles we offer, or to ask them to provide recommendations based on their experience and wisdom. We have been operating for 17 years, and many of our team members have been around for much of that time. Our knowledgeable staff with decades of industry knowledge can assist you with deciding which window style is right for you. Be sure to bring a few photos of your home.

No matter what, when you choose Architectural Windows & Doors, you are making a good choice. From our aluminium double-hung windows to our louvre windows to our casement windows, everything we carry has been built and tested to all relevant quality and performance standards. These windows are not cheap products that are going to rot or fail after five years. On the contrary, our windows are going to stand the test of time. Even more reason to come to our showroom, explore your options and make sure you are making a window style choice that makes you happy.