French Door Styles

Explore External and Internal French Door Styles with Architectural Windows & Doors

External French doors provide a classic aesthetic to your house that can boost value and kerb appeal. Internal French doors are the perfect way to segment your home with luxurious style. They look especially fantastic when used to separate a sunroom or a similar space from the rest of the house. If you are interested in either interior or exterior French doors, Architectural Windows & Doors can help.

Why Choose French Doors?

There are many benefits to installing French doors at your home—either for external or internal use. As mentioned above, external French doors are proven to have noticeable benefits for a home’s resale value. Many buyers honestly like French doors. They appreciate the style and how timeless it is, and they like how these doors allow for relatively free flow of natural light into the home. Furthermore, French doors are visible (and more importantly, attractive) from the road, making them an ideal aid for kerb appeal.

Internal French doors, meanwhile, are lovely for maintaining an open and well-illuminated space throughout your home. Standard doors can sometimes make a home feel very closed-off. It might make sense to use this kind of door to allow for more privacy in bedrooms, or to close off spaces that you don’t want to keep visible (such as closets, storage rooms, utility rooms or pantries). However, for other types of rooms—like sunrooms, dining rooms or even kitchens—it doesn’t always make sense to have a standard door. French doors are a way to keep barriers between those rooms when you need them, but to maintain natural light, visibility and an overall open-concept feel to the home.

Work with Architectural Windows & Doors to Find the Right External or Internal French Doors

At Architectural Windows & Doors, we frequently work with clients to design and install French doors on their homes. We are a trusted source for window and door solutions, especially for upscale residential building or renovation projects. Very few door styles convey a traditional-look quite like a French door, so it stands to reason that this style is among our more popular options in Queensland homes.

If you are interested in installing a French door (or several French doors) in and around your home, we would be pleased to help you accomplish that goal. Whether it’s a front door, a door leading out to a deck, patio or balcony spaces or an interior door, we can help you select the right size and style for you. We can even visit your home and take measurements firsthand, to ensure that you are getting a door that will fit your space.

We are an experienced business with a track record for excellent, premium-quality door and window designs. Since opening our doors in 2002, we have become a go-to partner for many homeowners, contractors and builders throughout the Brisbane area. If you are interested in working with us to install French doors at your residence, call us today.