Louvre and Fly Screens Options

Could Your Home in Brisbane Benefit from Louvre Windows, Adjustable Glass Blades and Fly Screens?

Modern home design presents homeowners with numerous options, often too many to consider simultaneously. Even with windows, there are many choices to make. One elegant and flexible option is to select glass Louvre windows, as they have a distinctive appearance and a design that makes them useful for switching between an open-air feeling and a closed-off interior space.

Integrated flyscreen channels within our 525 LouvreMASTER frame means they have been designed to operate without obstruction once flyscreens are installed. Special sill design guides water out of the window system and away from the interior. Louvre blades can be glass or, powdercoated aluminium.

There are several variations within the design of Louvre windows in Brisbane, each having their own benefits. The knowledgeable team at Architectural Windows & Doors can help you determine a choice that’s suited to your home while fulfilling what you’re looking for from your new windows. Keep reading to learn some ways you may benefit from choosing adjustable Louvre windows.

Distinguish Between Adjustable Louvre Windows’ Design Options and What Solution they Provide

In some ways, Louvre windows are like Venetian blinds. Instead of a retractable set of slats suspended from the top of your window frame, though, glass Louvre blades are installed directly as the window. Each blade is independently mounted and attached to the support structure to reduce the strain and eliminate the possibility of the stress accumulating on a single point. There are further options for Louvre windows, including blade material and additions:

  • Material Options – Our Louvre window blades are available in several material variations: glass, , and aluminium. For those instances where a consistently unobstructed view is important, glass is the definitive option. Where privacy is a consideration and aluminium are better suited. Depending on the aesthetic of your space and home, one may stick out, but in all cases, the quality materials are designed to exceed Australia’s regulatory standards and withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Structural Variants – There are two series to decide between, depending on the location and use you anticipate for your Louvre windows. The Series 417 is made for those instances where privacy is an important consideration, especially if you are enclosing an outdoor space, such as a balcony or patio. Series 525 has an added option, the Stronghold® system, designed with multi-storey residential apartments or offices in mind. The additional strength involved in the system lets it withstand even harsher conditions without fracture or blade damage.
  • Additional Features – You can choose between blade lengths of 102mm or 152mm. Longer blades will allow for more space between them to view the outside, while smaller blades give more precise control over airflow. The LouvreMasterTM window also permits the installation of seamless fly screens for Louvre windows so that you can let the air in without any unwanted guests.

Rely on Architectural Windows & Doors for Your New Windows

It’s one thing to see the images on our website or the results of our work on homes and residential buildings in Brisbane, but quite another to see the results in our elegant showroom or your home. We’ll work with you to discuss your needs and find the solution best suited to your home. Contact us today to learn more about installing Louvre windows in your house.