Retractable Centor Screens

Retractable Centor® Insect Fly Screens for Bi-fold and Large Stacker Doors

How often have you closed doors and windows on a lovely summer evening to keep insects out? You can now enjoy uninterrupted outdoor spaces with retractable Centor® fly screens in Brisbane.

Centor® Retractable Screens for Real Life

Manufactured from a durable, PVC / Polyester material which was impact tested with a 17kg punch bag impacting the mesh 100 times and explicitly designed for wide openings which stretch up to 7.6m wide and 3.2m tall, Centor® screens retract into the doorjamb when not in use. The 400 000-cycle test is a testament to the robust qualities of these screens which makes use of, patent pending, load balancing to ensure the door can open from any height on the stile as it does not use spring-loading which also enables small children to quickly open and close an insect fly screen window or door.

Retractable fly screens are not always practical, especially when moving in and out of your home with your hands full of refreshments. For this reason, it was imperative to Centor® to ensure their retractable fly screens, regardless of size, can open using just a fingertip. This quality is found in all their products.

Modern Homes

Modern homes often have folding or sliding doors and windows to provide the homeowner with beautiful vistas. Installation of Centor® Retractable screens preserves views with the use of a mesh which has no lines or pleats. These screens can be combined with a sunfilter system with the S4 Combo Screen, which also retracts and is available in various colours. This system enables you to draw the blind to a certain point, from where you can have the insect screen cover the remainder of the opening. The blinds offer remarkable thermal insulation and can double up as a projector screen for indoor or outdoor viewing pleasure. Both the screen and mesh are retractable and operate from opposite ends of the opening to meet wherever suits your needs. View a short video clip of this innovative product which demonstrates the efficacy and ergonomic properties of these retractable screens.

Installation and Repairs of Fly Screens in Brisbane

AWD has partnered with Centor® to offer their Retractable Screen system to the local market. Our staff are trained by Centor on installation an assembly techniques. If you experience issues with your retractable screen after installation, simply open a support ticket or check on your ticket status.

Although we do not manufacture this product, we are trained and equipped to maintain and install these products to the same high standards you have become accustomed to receiving from us.

Order an unobtrusive Centor® insect fly screen for your window or door from AWD, which allows you to control privacy, sunlight, temperature and insects, in a range of fabrics to stylishly match your décor.

Contact us or visit our showroom, where you need not make an appointment, and have access to ample on-site parking. Our friendly team will gladly assist you with your questions and correctly advise you regarding the purchase of a product best suited to your requirements.