Security Screen Benefits

If you want to add additional security to our windows and doors without compromising on aesthetics, you should browse our range of Invisi-Gard security screens in Brisbane. Unlike window bars or shutters, our stainless steel mesh security screens have minimal impact on the outside views, yet they can prevent intruders from gaining access to your property. Learn more about the advantages of our products by reading below.

The Benefits and Features of Our Security Window Screens

  • Create an additional barrier to prevent intruders from breaking into your home: Unfortunately, criminals often target luxurious homes hoping to steal valuable possessions. If you want to add an extra layer of security to your house, we highly recommend the addition of Australia’s premier security screen brand, Invisi-Gard which we manufacture to suit our products . Our security screen solutions feature high-tensile stainless steel meshes that withstand strong impacts, making your property virtually impenetrable.
  • Prevent insects from creating a habitat in your abode Our Insect Screens provide a pest barrier so you can enjoy your surroundings: Our fibreglass mesh screens can stop insects and pests from finding their way into your property. Large stacking and bi-folding doors with wide openings have also been difficult to screen effectively, this is why Centor developed their range of retractable screens solutions. The Centor retractable screens have been engineered to allow the mesh screen to operate like a sliding door, without fighting against a coiled spring like some inferior systems. These products integrate into our bi-fold and stacker door systems beautifully, with the concealed mesh appearing from the sides almost magically. They also don’t obstruct your view of the outdoors and insect mesh/ sun filter combinations are also available for amazing versatility.
  • Don’t compromise your home’s style to maximise its security: We selected the Invisi-Gard system for our security screen solution for its innovative design which minimises corrosion and cohesive look to match the look of our window and door range. While they provide a highly effective barrier between the outdoors and your home, they are barely noticeable. Moreover we colour match as many of the parts where possible they don’t block or obscure the view of your beautiful garden. If you want to secure your abode and still leave your windows and doors open for ventilation without making it look imposing or uninviting, our range of security screens in Brisbane is the perfect solution.
  • Invest in a solution that guarantees to remain intact for years: Because the Invisi-Gard security system incorporates high-tensile powder coated marine-grade stainless steel mesh and a patented mesh retention system in the aluminium frame these security products will stay functional and attractive for years to come. We cover all our security screen solutions with a 50year manufacturer’s five-year warranty and with regular care and maintenance they will endure the elements much longer.

Learn More about Our Security Mesh Screens

Even if you think the chances of somebody breaking into your property are slim, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the safety of your family, valuable possessions and home’s condition. Our barely noticeable screens will maximise your abode’s security without ruining its appearance or your ability to let natural sunlight illuminate your house. Call our professionals to find out why our solutions are such an excellent investment to add to your window and door order.