SAFE4KIDS Window Systems

At the end of 2013, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) updated regulations on the installation of windows in elevated applications due to numerous accidental falls around the country.

Injury and death of children as a result of falls from windows are a tragic and preventable occurrence.

The new regulations outline that restriction devices must be fitted to operable windows in Early Childhood Centres and in habitable rooms of residential buildings (including apartments and multi-storey homes) where windows are more than two meters above ground.

Rigorous testing is completed before a window system is deemed to comply to the new regulations. The testing includes applying a 250N force with a 125mm bullet shaped probe into the most vulnerable point perpendicular to the sash opening of the window for a period of 10 seconds. If the probe passes completely through the opening the product is deemed to be a failure.

The Australian Building Code has been updated in 2013 to establish regulations for the installation of windows with restricted openings in applications where there is a risk of injury or death from accidental falls. AWS supports this initiative and has undertaken extensive research and development to allow the supply and installation of compliant window systems that will reduce the risk of injury. When installing into applications which are deemed by the BCA to require the installation of guards or restricted openings, windows can be fitted with:

• Restricted opening chain winders • Buffer stops • Security grilles and guards • Restricted opening latches

Throughout this website window systems which meet BCA requirements for windows in elevated applications are identified with the SAFE4KIDS™ symbol seen here: