Our Showroom is open again!

Our Showroom is open again!

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  • 23 May, 2022
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618 POD
Hall Sashless
Entry louvres
Centor Bifold2

Following the widespread flooding in late February which inundated the ground floor of our showroom, we have rebuilt and are glad to announce that we are once again open to the public.

Some finishing touches remain to be completed so please use the Contact Form or call us on 1300 65 33 21 to discuss enquiry and our sales team will be happy to arrange an appointment time to meet with you.

Our large range of windows and doors are on display which allows you to see the full-size products in operation as demonstrated by our knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Our Showroom is located a few minutes from Brisbane CBD at Unit 5, 43 Lang Pde, Milton QLD 4064 with reserved on-site parking.

Our Display Products

  • 616 Awning Windows (dual chain-winder / manual chain-winder / EBSA Automation)
  • 616 Casement Windows (ICON cam Handles)
  • 616 Corner Fixed Glass
  • 468 Casement Window (Double Glazed Units, Truth Hardware)
  • 468 Awning Window (Double Glazed Units, Truth Hardware)
  • 602 Sliding Window
  • 613 Double-Hung Window
  • 614 Sashless Double-Hung ClearVent
  • Aneeta Sashless Double-Hung
  • Aneeta Sashless Horizontal Slider
  • Aneeta Sashless Vertical 4-Pane
  • 525 Louvre with Breezway Stronghold Gallery
  • 525 Louvre with Breezway Altair Gallery
  • 411 Bi-fold Door with Centor S4 Retractable Screen with 5% Sunfilter and Standard Mesh Weave
  • 542 3-Panel Stacking Door
  • 618 Corner Stacking Door with FlowTHRU drain
  • 400 Multi-Sliding Door with low profile sill
  • 704 Flush-Bottom Rolling Cavity Door (Double Glazed Units)
  • 704 Flush Sill Top-Hung Door (Double Glazed Units)
  • 704 Bottom Rolling External Stacking Door (Double Glazed Units)
  • 704 Lift+Slide Door (Double Glazed Units)
  • 406 Commercial Front-Glazing
  • 400 Pivot Door
  • 548 Hinged Door with 514 Double-Hung Sidelights

Thermal-Break and Energy Efficient Serie

All of the following thermally-effficient series incorporate Double Glazed Units / Insulating Glass Units which comprise of two panes of glass that are separated with a spacer and filled with argon gas in the gap between the two layers of glass.

  • 731 ThermalHeart™ Sliding Door
  • 729 ThermalHeart Hinged Door (displayed in dual finish: Pearl White Gloss Interior / Monument Exterior)
  • 726 ThermalHeart Casement Window (displayed in dual finish: Pearl White Gloss Interior / Monument Exterior)
  • 752 Performance Sliding Window (75mm frame)
  • 753 ComfortEdge Sliding Window (secondary timber reveal)
  • 755 ComfortEdge Awning Window (secondary timber reveal)
  • 756 Performance Awning Window (75mm frame)