Coopers Shoot Panorama

Extraordinary views of the lush countryside and rolling hills, out towards to the magnificent ocean horizon could not be compromised when it came to selecting the right combination of window and door products for this stunning Byron Bay residence.

A completely recessed stacker door + retractable screen concept was utilised to clear the typical visual obstructions from the interior of the living spaces. Sills were recessed flush with the tile into a custom fabricated stainless sill tray with tile-insert, discretely allowing water to drain from the patio areas. The stacker door head and jambs plus the Centor retractable screen system were also recessed into the ceiling and walls to retain the clean lines of the building's design.

The challenge to maximise views from some of the upstairs rooms while still maintaining usable wall space was addressed by a external-stacker system, allowing sliding panels to completely clear the opening on wall-mounted guides. This feature was utilised in the main bathroom providing an idyllic scenario of enjoying breathtaking views from the bathtub.

The upper floor benefits from the cross-ventilation provided by a number of louvre windows with PowerLouvre units featured to address the accessibility problems usually associated with ventilating the elevated void areas.

Use of Low-E glass and many other energy conservation design choices throughout the construction not only provide comfortable home living but also keeps in harmony with the environment.



Louvre Stacker


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