Federal House

This unique house in the Byron Shire hinterland presents the visitor with stark-black geometry, cantilevered out from the steep hillside and hides a subterranean infinity pool. Veiled in black rough-sawn timber battens, the exterior ensconces an interior of warm timber surfaces to soften the living areas. The streamlined kitchen and dining space are enclosed on three sides by mammoth 852 Series Commercial ThermalHEART™ doors. The panels for this U-Shaped door feature 30mm DGUs with Low-E Glass measuring 2.7m x 2.6m. The tracks for the head and sill are completely recessed into the ceiling and slab make for a seamless transition from the interior to the wrap-around verandah. Glazing these panels was a challenge but made possible by utilising a crane with our Vacuum hoist kit to lower the panels in through the roof atrium and handing over to a glazing robot to manoeuvre them into final position - as can be seen in the video featurette.

An impressive indoor garden atrium populated with tree ferns is open to the elements through the roof void. The lounge has a floor-to-ceiling vista of the garden and landscapes beyond with a large fixed panel DGU and ventilated with Breezway Altair Louvre galleries fitted to 400 Series commercial framing and are also featured in the bedrooms on the eastern side with Invisi-Gard Stainless Steel screens.


First Place: New Houses over 200sqm, Australian HOUSES 2021
First Place: 
Architecture Award for The Living Space, Indo-Pacific international INDE 2021




Corner Doors Louvres Stackers Award Winners


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