Hamilton Island Solis

This iconic concrete fortress situated on Hamilton Island has panoramic views of the surrounding Whitsunday Islands and mainland. Vast concrete form work poured in quantities comparable to some apartment buildings, is left its raw form with an industrial beauty all its own. Minimal interior walls invite the tropics inside this extravagant holiday sanctuary with extensive use of travertine stone work and the lap-pool directly accessible from the living spaces.

This one-off project allowed a flexible scope to develop unique top-hung sliding doors from our 704 series stacking doors used to entirely open the rear corner of the building, with 2.6m x 2m door panels with 10mm glass revealing a 14-meter wide expanse. 704 series stacker doors are configured as corner doors in the living room and upstairs retreats. The tracks for these doors were completely recessed into the travertine stone flooring with concealed drainage into a sump sill. Another unique application is the of the 704 series is a solitary top-hung 3m x 2m panel which is face-mounted on the lower floor's interior wall provides access to the secluded plunge-pool alcove.

ICON stainless-steel hardware was used on the stacking sliding doors as well as on the 411 series top-hung bifold doors on the upper entertainment deck for its superior longevity in a marine environment.

Silicon butt-join windows of consisting of 15mm glass, wrap-around the upper level's suspended walk ways with a feature centre-piece of 19mm glazing providing seamless views of the magnificent seascapes beyond. Commercial hinged doors are also utilised at the top of stairwells and egress from bedrooms for exterior access due to the ability to have 1m panel widths in 3m high frames.

The commercial series products were selected for their impressive performance in conjunction with toughened glazing at thicknesses enabling large expanses of glazing rated for use in cyclone-category terrain. View more about the wind and water product testing here: Windloads for Housing


Australian Institute of Architects Awards 2011
First Place: 
National Award for Residential Architecture2011 National Architecture Awards
First Place: Robin Dods Award for Residential Architecture – Queensland State Award.
First Place: 'House of the year' - Central QLD Regional Award
Commendation: Central QLD Regional Award

Australian Interior Design Awards 2011
First Place: 'Best of state', QLD Residential Design Award
Commendation: Residential Design Award
Commendation: Colour in Design Award

Houses Awards 2011
Finalist:  New house over 200m2 award

Interior Design Excellence Awards 2011
Shortlisted: Single Residential Award



Corner Doors Bi-folds Stackers Award Winners


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