Kingscliff Beachfront

This beautiful stone clad beach-front property leverages the functionality of 411 Series bifold doors and Centor retractable screens to reconfigure the dining room and kitchen as an alfresco area all the while staying comfortable by keeping insects at bay. Unrestricted views and natural interaction with the pool area are created when all the folding and stacking products are opened up to provide a total open-air lower level without walls.

618 Series stacker doors open up both master bedroom and living areas to the lush beach front foliage and 525 Series louvres continue maximum ventilation control on the upper level. Wide 616 Series awning windows provide a symmetry with bathtub beneath them, the leafy foreshore foliage provides the necessary privacy for this room all the while remaining light and ventilated.




Bi-folds Louvres Stackers


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