Innovative New Farm

This beautifully presented Queenslander has a street frontage consistent with the other houses of the era in the well established suburb of New Farm. Further exploration however reveals a flawlessly executed modern extension to expand on living, dining and entertaining areas and bring this classic house into the present. 
An impressive curtain-wall unit made with 616 series silicon butt-joined corner glazing and awning windows utilising concealed electric chainwinders  to ventilate the stair-well void with rain-sensors to automatically close the windows should rain occur.

Forward-thinking design incorporates several externally-stacking 704 series doors meeting at a 112° internal corner and also unique wall-mounted window solutions on the upstairs bedrooms which are coupled to a corner butt-join 616 series window.

A top-hung bifold is used as a servery window over bench-top to link the entertaining lounge with the outdoor dining and BBQ area. 525 series louvres provide cross-ventilation with the horizontal sash-less sliding Aneeta windows used as an innovative splash-back behind the sink.



Louvres Stackers Awnings / Casements


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