Project Description

Presenting with a sleek, sophisticated design, this modern two-storey residence maximises its Gold Coast canal views by leveraging seamless silicon butt-joined glazing and an expansive 6.5 metre wide 704 Series Stacking Sliding 4-Panel XXXF door. Recessed sills and drainage allow for a flush detail between interior and exterior tiling.
A unique roof cut-out and alcove design allows a magnificent palm tree and garden to be enveloped by the house and is showcased from multiple rooms across both floors by silicon butt-joined glazing in a 150mm wide-offset 600 Series frame. Additionally, the void glazing features a raked top / mullion-free corner to follow the slope of the roof making it appear to float above main living space. Strategically-placed 525 Series louvre sidelights provide cross-ventilation to provide an option for passive cooling in each room and 618 Series sliding doors provide bedroom egress to each balcony.

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Project Details

  • Developer: KS Project Management
  • Finish: Monument
  • Hardware: Icon 
  • Category: Stackers Specialty
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