Sunshine Beach House

With a playful flow between landscape and interior and a focus on the Japanese ideology of "wabi-sabi", acceptance of transience and imperfection, the end product is a timeless ode to both the ingenuity of the client and the beauty of the surrounding natural environment. The entry space blurs distinction between inside and outside with a strong connection to courtyard, pool and outdoor living area between zones.

The designers fulfilled the clients request to have ocean views from the master bedroom situated at the rear of the house by clever use of 525 Series louvre windows and external 618 Series stacking doors to provide an unobstructed line-of-sight through the open spaces.

Harnessing the natural environment, this design enables manipulation of breezes through a variety of window features on the façade enabling a vast range wind control through the living spaces depending on the season. Silicon butt-joined corner 616 Series windows and plus Aneeta sash-less inserts with 400 series framing featuring 10mm glass provide unhindered ocean views.

Flush thresholds and external-stacking doors were a key element for tying the products into the core design concept and Coastal Seabreeze Anodised was selected as the product finish for the corrosion-resistance properties of the 25μm treatment.

Alcove bench seats in the outdoor dining area utilise 411 Series top-hung bifold windows to continue the connection with the kitchen area by providing a servery as well as harnessing sea breezes.

Breezway Powerlouvre windows provide functional temperature control by directing airflow at high wall elevations and are activated by remote.

This house has been designed so that views to the ocean are maintained and able to be ‘rediscovered’ from different aspects throughout the house.





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