Commercial Hinged Door

Product Specifications
Maximum Panel Height* 3000mm
Maximum Panel Width* 1200mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 10.38mm
SHGC Range 0.26 - 0.6
Uw Range 4.3 - 6
* Subject to individual site conditions and wind loads.
WERS Ratings


  • Series 50 hinged doors with 50mm thick stiles are significantly stronger than industry standard 44mm thick doors.
  • Can be configured as hinged, sliding or pivot style door.
  • 50mm thick doors are ideal for over height doors - they comply.
  • Series 50 doors have removable snap-on glazing beads on horizontals and wrap around stiles.
  • Stile to rail joint is securely fixed with custom spigot assembly.
  • Hinged door glass can be blocked with custom stile glazing block and adjustable setting block.
  • Series 50 doors will accept glass up to 10.38mm thick.
  • When configured as sliding panels, heavy duty bottom rolling running gear or alternative Centor E3 top-hung rollers deliver smooth reliable operation.
  • Horizontal rails can be fitted with square or splayed glazing beads.
  • 19mm high glazing beads ensure that the glass gets the right bite.
  • Can be security glazed with captive external glazing wedge.
  • Four midrail options 50mm, 115mm, 125mm and 200mm deep.
  • Lock stile wide enough to accept most lock types.
  • Rebated French meeting stiles option available.

NOTE: BAL-40 rating applies to hinged configuration only.

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