542 Slimline Residential Stacker Door

Product Specifications
Maximum Panel Height* 2650mm
Maximum Panel Width* 1350mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 20mm
SHGC Range 0.28 - 0.72
Uw Range 3 - 6.2
* Subject to individual site conditions and wind loads.
WERS Ratings


542 Series Residential Stacker Door
  • High water resistance of 300Pa allows these stacking doors to be installed into most residential projects.
  • Series 542 stacking doors can be fabricated as ‘XXF’, ‘FXX’, ‘FXXXXF’, ‘XF’, ‘FX’, ‘FXF’, ‘XFF’, ‘FFX’ and ‘FXXF’.
  • The accompanying optional stacking multi-panel external screen panel system is snapped to the main frame. 
  • The 109mm wide perimeter frame on this stacking door will couple to a large variety of Vantage adaptors.
  • Flat external fillers creates a clean closed-off frame appearance. On the sill, the infills guide water away from the door panels and improve water resistance.
  • Unused internal and external frame recesses are closed with snap-in flat fillers for improved appearance.
  • Heavy stacking door panels can be fitted with double bogey wheels for smooth long-term operation. Running rails can be replaced in the future if necessary.
  • Stacking doors can be fitted into commercial type sub-sill for higher water resistance.
  • Insect doors are fitted with snap-on interlocks for improved appearance and labour saving.

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