602 Designer Sliding Window

Product Specifications
Maximum Panel Height* 1600mm
Maximum Panel Width* 1356mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 20mm
SHGC Range 0.23 - 0.63
Uw Range 3.8 - 6.5
* Subject to individual site conditions and wind loads.
WERS Ratings


Series 602 Designer Sliding Window (102mm Frame)
  • The Series 602 sliding window is designed to complement our existing high quality product range.
  • This sliding window has been tested for compliance with the relevant Australian Standards.
  • The Series 602 sliding window achieves very high water resistance of 450Pa making the product suitable for most applications including multi-storey apartments.
  • Low air infiltration, makes this sliding window suitable for air conditioned buildings.
  • The extra strong meeting stiles allow large sliding windows to be fabricated in high wind load areas.
  • Double sash design with the external sash fixed.
  • Frame, mullion and transom on this sliding window have a soft 2mm internal radius.
  • Series 602 sliding window has a more squared off appearance when compared to Series 601.
  • Both fixed and opening sashes on this sliding window can be installed, replaced and/or reglazed from inside the building. This could be an important feature in elevated situations.

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