704B (Bottom Rolling) Stacker Door

Product Specifications
Maximum Panel Height* 3300mm
Maximum Panel Width* 2500mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 28mm
SHGC Range 0.15 - 0.66
Uw Range 3 - 6.2
* Subject to individual site conditions and wind loads.
WERS Ratings


704B SlideMASTER™ Stacking Door (Bottom Rolling)
  • Series 704B is a bottom rolling sliding door with minimal sill recesses.
  • AS14281.1 wheelchair compliant sill creating a continuous path of travel as required to meet the National Construction Code.
  • Sliding doors have been tested for compliance with the relevant Australian Standards. Achieved a high water resistance of 450Pa with 55mm high sill. The 35mm sill is rated at 300Pa water resistance based on tests carried out on a similar sliding door/sill configuration.
  • Patented moulded nylon turbulence diverters protect the meeting stile junction at sill, guiding air and turbulence away from the inside.
  • The extra strong multi hollow meeting stiles allow large sliding doors to be fabricated in high wind load areas.
  • This aluminium sliding door has been tested to 3300mm high with 2500mm wide panels.
  • These panels are always fabricated with low bottom rail and rail stiffeners.
  • There are a large variety of sliding door combinations (XF, FX, FXXF, XXF, FXX, FXXXXF, FX^XF, FXX^XXF and cavity sliding doors ).
  • We can fit Centor roller screens behind Series 704 sliding doors up to 7500mm wide.
  • There is an alternative sliding stacking flydoor system that can be fitted on the outside.
  • Sliding doors can be fitted with surface mounted multipoint deadlock, mortice lock or multi point mortice lock.
  • Bottom rolling sliding doors run on heavy duty double or quad bogey wheel carriages.
  • Aluminium sub-sills are standard under Series 704B doors. We have a variety of sub-sills to choose from. We also offer heavy duty sub-heads.
  • Sub-sills are fitted with integrated co-extruded Santoprene drainage hole cover flap to prevent blow-back.
  • Sliding door panels will accept glass up to 8.50mm and 14.76mm thick single glazed or 20mm and 24mm double glazed IGU's.

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