704LS (Lift & Slide) Stacker Door

Product Specifications
Maximum Panel Height* 3300mm
Maximum Panel Width* 2500mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 28mm
SHGC Range 0.15 - 0.66
Uw Range 3 - 6.2
* Subject to individual site conditions and wind loads.
WERS Ratings


704LS (Lift & Slide) SlideMASTER™ Stacker Door

Series 704LS is a lift-and-slide, sliding door system that separates the sliding and sealing from the locking action, allowing the door to virtually hover over the frame when in motion.

  • On opening, the unique roller design engages and lifts the sliding door panel off the frame, allowing the door to slide effortlessly with minimal friction.
  • On closing, the door panel lowers and engages with the weather seal.
  • AS1428.1 wheelchair compliant sill creating a continuous path of travel as required to meet the National Construction Code.
  • Doors have been tested for compliance with the relevant Australian Standards. Achieved a high water resistance of 300Pa.
  • The extra strong multi hollow meeting stiles allow large sliding doors to be fabricated in high wind load areas, refer panel strength tables.
  • This door has been tested to 3300mm high with 2500mm wide panels.
  • Available in a selection of common door configurations (XF, FX, FXXF and corner doors).
  • We can fit Centor roller screens behind Series 704 sliding doors up to 7400mm wide.
  • Square clean lines with soft radius edges on internal meeting stile corners.
  • Aluminium sub-sills are standard under Series 704LS doors. We have a variety of sub-sills to choose from.
  • Sub-sills are fitted with integrated co-extruded Santoprene drainage hole cover flap to prevent blow-back.
  • Doors are compatible with Series 406 single glazed and Series 426 double glazed framing.
  • Optional AWS Trickle Vent passive ventilation system can be fitted into tubular sub-head.
  • Door panels will accept glass up to 8.50mm and 24mm double glazed IGU's.

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