756 Performance Awning

Product Specifications
Maximum Panel Height* 2100mm
Maximum Panel Width* 2400mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 20mm
SHGC Range 0.21 - 0.66
Uw Range 3.4 - 6.6
* Subject to individual site conditions and wind loads.
WERS Ratings


756 Series High Performance Awning Window (75mm Frame)

• Series 756 awning windows feature a 75mm frame with a fully integrated hood hinge that protects the top of the sash from water intrusion.
• Series 756 awning windows have been successfully tested for compliance with Australian Standard AS 2047.
• Windows can be fabricated with mullions running through and assembled as modules with the use of snap together mullion.
• Water resistance rating of 600Pa makes this awning window suitable for most exposed locations in Australia.
• 75mm frames deliver a cleaner architectural look by reducing the number of sections required to make the frame.
• Frames can be made either square cut or mitre for a customised finish.
• Optional sash and mullion strengths cover a large variety of design wind load areas.
• Wrap around sashes will accept 18 to 20mm IGU's with full wrap around glazing channel.
• Beaded sash option is available. Beaded sash will accept a variety of glass thickness from 4mm single pane to 25mm IGU's.
• Fixed light glazing bead will accept a variety of glass thickness from 4mm single pane to 20mm IGU's.
• Sash retainer block stops the sash disengaging from the head.
• Awning sashes are fitted with heavy duty chain winders both single and dual winders.
• Custom AWS Performance Side Latches can be fitted to the awning sashes to withstand high negative wind loads that typically increase structural performance by about 100% over no side latches.

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