Acoustic Test Results

AWS Australia have recently completed acoustic testing on a number of new and existing products. The updated results provide additional tested products and/or glass options to enable you to meet the needs of projects where noise abatement is a priority.

The Acoustics Whitepaper has been updated which includes a summary of all tested products and their individual RW ratings - download it from the resources tab.

Below is a summary of the recently completed acoustic tests:

SeriesGlassRW ValueReport
50420mm IGU30ALA 17-08601
5046mm29ALA 17-086-2
50410mm31ALA 17-086-3
51620mm IGU33ALA 17-086-4
5166mm30ALA 17-086-5
51610mm33ALA 17-086-6
54220mm33ALA 17-086-9
542*20mm IGU34ALA 17-086-10
542*10mm33ALA 17-086-11
542*6mm31ALA 17-086-12
60220mm IGU34ALA 17-086-7
4426.38 Lam32ALA-16-090-11
44210.5 Vlam Hush36ALA-16-090-12
44212.5 Vlam Hush38ALA-16-090-13
64212.5 Vlam Hush37ALA-16-090-16
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