Concealed Electric Chainwinder

Control Panel Max. CDC Vent Groups CDC per Group
8301K 2* 1 1
8304K 6 1 6
8408M 13 5 6
*twin winder


Utlising world-leading D+H Mechatronic electric winders drives manufactured in Germany, the winder units concealed within our 616-series designer awning windows The 24v VCD chain drives are extraordinarily quiet when opening and closing façade windows, making it ideal for daily ventilation operation. These drives can work individually; controlled multiple banks of windows or as dual-units to suit extra-wide sashes. Chain-length is determined by the sash size and can vary from 250mm - 600mm stroke. See Video

Each electric winder drive is sent power and control signals from a control panel which operates 1 or more drives depending on the desired configuration - the convenience with the D+H control panels which take a direct 240v input and step it down to 24v is the absence of transformers used in other systems which are usually limited to 2 motors and wiring becomes cumbersome.

These ventilation solutions comprise an automated window, rain sensor (optional) and switch on the wall or can be controlled by a central CBUS system or similar smart-home solution. This simple design can be expanded to include a range of internal and external sensors (e.g. Rain or Temperature) and can be integrated with the mechanical services in such a way that either windows are automatically shut if the building is in heating or cooling mode, or in reverse mechanical heating or cooling is disabled when the occupant selects natural ventilation.

  • Integrated into the window frame, the concealed electric chainwinder is an elegant solution for window automation
  • Low operating sound thanks to the innovative acoustic decoupling of the drive components
  • Can be daisy-chained allowing for twin chainwinder configuration for heavy and wide awning window sashes
  • Stand-alone operation controlled by Australian standard lighting switch or proprietary ventilation wall switch options
  • A robust control panel provides 240v - 24v conversion and signal switching drive operation
  • Remote diagnosis features 
  • Wide support for building management system integration using open bus communication protocol
  • Future expansion
  • Integrated ACB (Advanced Communication Bus) bus interface with Modbus protocol 

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