Adjustable Louvres allow you the greatest flow of air of any window when fully open. The air flow is able to be varied by changing the pitch of the louvres and by closing some blades and leaving others open. Louvres allow almost unrestricted view while maintaining ventilation. Consider this product for breezeways or to allow natural cooling by air flow through a home. Our Louvre windows can be supplied with a large variety of adjustable blades and combined with adjoining fixed sidelights within the main frame. 

152mm or 102mm wide blades are available in Glass, Western Red Cedar or Aluminium adjustable blades – all can be fitted into the LouvreMaster™ window. One of the main features with our Louvre windows is the ability to fit flyscreens into the main frame without adaptors, trims, screws or unsightly turnbuckles. This saves money and is aesthetically pleasing.

  • Breezes can be captured no matter which direction the wind is blowing.
  • Louvres can be left open in gentle rain.
  • Louvres do not project far beyond the surrounding wall so do not impede paths of travel.
  • Ideal for internal windows to further cool and refresh the building.
  • Louvres can be cleaned from the inside of the building (a big advantage in multi-floor buildings).

Visit our Window Automation page to read about the PowerLouvre system. Designed for easy installation, Powerlouvre Windows remove the complexity of sourcing special trades to install the system and are ideal for a range of design applications such as high out-of-reach locations or as floor-to-ceiling feature windows. By operating the Powerlouvre Window with the Apptivate Control Unit, you can benefit from the following features.

Click on the tabs above to read more about each of the product series

Aluminium Blades Aluminium Blades

Designer Series | Series 525

  • Adjustable louvre window system integrating the Altair Breezway Louvre Gallery
  • Designed to complement the Vantage 102mm windows and doors. The jambs, head and sill will clip to all 102mm Vantage products including MAGNUM™ windows and doors.
  • 131mm overall frame is wide enough to allow the flyscreen to be fitted within the frame line, without the need for screws, rivets or unsightly turnbuckles - clean flat finish.
  • The LouvreMASTER™ louvre window system has been successfully tested to 300Pa water resistance.
  • The LouvreMASTER™ louvre window weather trims snap to head and sill and are cut between galleries - no end notching on trim or gallery channels.
  • Full height louvre window blades always give the best appearance and are the most economical.
  • The 102mm and 152mm louvre window blades can be glass, aluminium or timber.

Maximum Panel Height* 3014mm
Maximum Panel Width* 900mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 6.38mm
SHGC Range 0.32 - 0.68
Uw Range 4.6 - 6.2
WERS Ratings   
* Subject to individual site conditions and wind loads. Contact Us for more information
certification-as2047.png#asset:93861:url certification-safe4kids.png#asset:93864
Series 525 Frame Series 525 Frame Can be coupled to sliding doors Can be coupled to sliding doors Various frame options and flexibility Various frame options and flexibility

Stronghold® System

The Stronghold System by Breezway is available as an added feature for your Series 525 Louvres to add strength and safety to your building.

Altair Louvre blades are retained by a pin that passes through the clips, bearing and blade. Once installed, the pins cannot be removed without tools and the blades are prevented from being removed from the clips. Pins are visible on the inside/underside of the clips.

The Stronghold System is ideal for multi-story residential applications and enables bay widths of up to 1200mm. Please refer to the Breezway Product Performance Warranty for more information.

Mechanically Retains Blades
Complies with Fall Prevention requirements where blades are mechanically retained without obstructing outdoor views and minimises the risk of blades being dislodged by impact.

Residential Buildings
Ideal for windows more than 2m above ground or those requiring extra strength with the benefits of natural ventilation and added safety for your family.

Naturally Ventilated Buildings
Energy efficient Altair Louvres with the Stronghold System allow abundant fresh air and natural light to flow into the building to help save on running costs.

Safeguarding Against Falls
Louvre windows with the Stronghold System and with restricted openings comply with the new provisions in the Building Code of Australia for Fall Prevention through openable windows and have passed testing to the Australian Window Association’s industry code of practice “ICP.005 – Protection of Openable Window Testing Specification.” As the glazed area can be opened to allow airflow they can be used to maximise natural ventilation in multi-level applications compared to other window types.

If blades need to be removed from an Altair Stronghold Louvre Window or if broken blades need to be replaced, the removal process requires tools and will destroy certain components requiring replacement prior to new blades being re-installed.

Blade Type Compatibility

Blade Type152mm High102mm High
Annealed glassNN
Toughened glassYY
Straight cut timberNN
certification-as2047.png#asset:93861:url certification-safe4kids.png#asset:93864
Tested to ensure Superior Performance Tested to ensure Superior Performance
102mm (4") Blades Overall Frame Height 152mm (6") Blades Overall Frame Height
354mm 2 blade
344mm 3 blade494mm 3 blade
434mm 4 blade634mm 4 blade
524mm 5 blade774mm 5 blade
614mm 6 blade914mm 6 blade
704mm 7 blade1054mm 7 blade
794mm 8 blade1194mm 8 blade
884mm   9 blade1334mm 9 blade
974mm 10 blade1474mm 10 blade
1064mm 11 blade1614mm 11 blade
1154mm 12 blade1754mm 12 blade
1244mm 13 blade1894mm 13 blade
1334mm 14 blade2034mm 14 blade
1424mm 15 blade2174mm 15 blade
1514mm 16 blade2314mm 16 blade
1604mm 17 blade2454mm 17 blade
1694mm 18 blade2594mm 18 blade
1784mm 19 blade2734mm 19 blade
1874mm 20 blade2874mm 20 blade
1964mm 21 blade3014mm 21 blade
2054mm 22 blade
2144mm 23 blade
2234mm 24 blade
2324mm 25 blade
2414mm 26 blade
2504mm 27 blade
2594mm 28 blade
2684mm 29 blade
2774mm 30 blade
2864mm 31 blade
32 blade
3044mm 33 blade

Low Profile Handle (AWD Default)

Our default louvre handle selection is the Low Profile handle. Powdercoated metal finish that sits flat and low against the louvre frame preventing interference with window furnishings. 

  • Handle Projection in Open Position is 105mm
  • Handle Projection in Closed Position is 12mm

Standard Handle

The Standard handle is a UV-treated PVC handle designed to fit the contours of the human hand for easy use.

  • Handle Projection in Open Position is 113mm
  • Handle Projection in Closed Position is 31mm

Ring Pull Handle

For louvres out-of-reach and operated by a map rod, the A13 Ring Pull handle makes a convenient contact point for the map rod hook to engage and operate the louvre.

  • Handle Projection in Open Position is 128mm

NOTE: Handles are placed on the left side of the louvre blades (viewed from inside). This can occasionally cause issues with handle access and instead Right Hand Control can be requested at time of order placement.

The vertical position of handles may also cause occasional issues with access or operation. The handle position can often be changed by special request at order placement.

Other Accessories and Options

Key Lock

  • Brushed Chrome finish.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Fits most frames and is installed on the opposite side of the handle.
  • Same key can be used to lock or unlock multiple keylocks.
  • Not available for PowerLouvre windows

Map Rod 

A Map Rod is used in conjunction with the Ring Pull Handle when installed out of arm’s reach.

  • 2m, 3m and 4m set lengths
  • 1.8m – 3.6m telescopic length

To download the handle flyers which show dimensions, please login (or create an account) to download these documents under the resources section.

Video Features

Altair Louvre Windows with Stronghold - Manage Fresh Air, Noise and Fall Prevention
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