MIRO Bi-fold and Hinged

Hardware Finish / Colour Options

MIRO™ Hinged Door Lock

  • With a sleek, comfortable grip common to all MIRO™ hardware, the lever door lock is available in several locking options, including keyed both sides or with interior snib.
  • Used in conjunction with lever compression locking, an upward handle movement activates four-point locking.
  • Compliant with AS2047, AS1428: 2009 Section 13.5 (Disability Access) and Liveable Housing Guidelines.

Suitable for use with: 

548 Residential Hinged Door | 549 Residential Entry Door | 400 Commercial Hinged Door | 729 Thermally Broken Hinged Door |  852H Thermally Broken Hinged Door
Bi-fold doors with odd-number panels only 411 Bi-Fold Door (top hung) | 730 Thermally Broken Bi-fold Door (top hung)* | 546 Bi-fold Window* | 548 Bi-fold Door (bottom rolling) | 412 Bi-Fold Door (bottom rolling) | 832 ThermalHEART™ Bi-fold (Bottom Rolling)

MIRO™ Bi-Fold Operator

  • This swivel bi-fold operator throws locking bolts into the frame at top and bottom of the panel. Optional key-locking (separately installed) is available.
  • Textured matt black finish with AWS' Enduratec™ technology has been tested to last 10 times longer than traditional powder coat finishes in independent, neutral salt bath testing.
  • Having an operator handle located centrally on say a bi-fold door removes the need to bend down or stretch to reach flush bolts that might be located at the ends of the stiles.
  • The MIRO™ handle is elegantly curved on the finger edge, with no visible fasteners when handle is in closed position.
  • Matching hinged door lever furniture.

Suitable for use with:
Series 411 Bi-Fold Door (top hung) | 730 Thermally Broken Bi-fold Door (top hung) | 546 Bi-fold Window | 548 Bi-fold Door | 412 Bi-Fold Door (bottom rolling) | 832 ThermalHEART™ Bi-fold (Bottom Rolling)

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