ThermalHEART™ Thermal Break

Hardware Finish / Colour Options

Pearl White GLOSS 1004
Custom Black MATT 1002
Silver Medalist Pearl SATIN 3005
Charcoal Metallic GLOSS 3001
AWS Silver Grey MATT 2021
APO Grey SATIN 1001
Citi® Pearl MATT 3002
Doeskin Satin 2006
Dune® Colorbond®
Hammersley Brown SATIN 2008
Magnolia GLOSS 2012
Paperbark® Colorbond®
Pottery SATIN 2017
Primrose GLOSS 1005
Stone Beige MATT 1006
Surfmist® Colorbond®
White Birch Gloss
White Birch GLOSS 1007
Woodland Grey® Colorbond®
Dark Grey MATT 2005


ThermalHEART™ is the technology that lies at the core of a new thermally efficient range of commercial aluminium window and door systems developed by AWS. ThermalHEART™ window and door systems are thermally broken to deliver improved energy efficiency for commercial buildings. In fact, ThermalHEART™ Commercial windows and doors are up to 51% more thermally efficient than standard non-thermally broken aluminium commercial framing.

The thermal break in ThermalHEART™ windows and doors is created using a polyamide strip between the aluminium exterior and interior elements. Polyamide is an excellent thermal insulator. The thermal break minimises the transfer of heat and cold through the aluminium window frame, giving the thermally broken aluminium window excellent insulation properties. Polyamide has very similar expansion rates to aluminium, ensuring ThermalHEART™ extrusions maintain excellent structural integrity.

systems are designed to deliver a clean, bold aesthetic. To ensure a simple, unobtrusive style, frames are free of grooves or ridges, hardware has been carefully thought out and ingeniously fitted, and minimal radii have been applied to profiles.

Dual Colour Technology

To achieve excellent thermal performance, ThermalHEART™ thermally broken aluminium window and door systems incorporate an innovative polyamide insulator strip which separates the internal and external elements of the extrusion. The way the thermal insulator is joined allows for a different choice of finish, to complement both internal and external finish palettes. The result? One finish on the outside, another on the inside, and unprecedented colour flexibility. Architects and designers can now select the strong, bold, dark colours which feature prominently on commercial building exteriors, and opt for lighter, more neutral tones on the building’s interior.

Fully Tested

ThermalHEART™ thermally broken aluminium window and door systems are Australian designed and fully tested to meet and exceed Australian standards.

The AWS window and door testing laboratory is fully accredited and has one of the largest pressure booths in the industry. Weather conditions can be simulated through manipulation of air and water spray flow, and remote monitoring of air leakage and deflection of windows and doors is also possible. This laboratory ensures that ThermalHEART™ window and door systems can be tested and researched to ensure compliance with building codes and relevant industry standards.

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